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How to Find and Hire a Photographer for Your Business Website

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In this post, we tell you how to find and hire a photographer for your business website. We teach you how to make an informed decision so you avoid any pitfalls by hiring the wrong photographer for your business website.

Different types of photographers

Before you start your photographer search, you need to understand your needs so you can find someone who specializes in the type of photography you’re looking for.

Common types of photographers:

  • Event photographers take photos at live events such as weddings, parties, or conferences.
  • Product photographers take photos of objects such as food/drinks, clothing, equipment, tools, etc.
  • Branding photographers take customized images that represent the essence of a brand.
  • Lifestyle photographers specialize in telling a story in an artistic way. They generally take candid photos and work with families or individuals to capture real-life moments or milestones.
  • Nature photographers specialize in landscape and wildlife photography.
  • Editorial photographers take posed photos for publications. Their photos range from glamorous fashion shoots to portraits that tell a story.

How to find a photographer for your business website

Now you know how photographers specialize, you can begin your search and hire a photographer for your business website. We suggest typing phrases into Google such as “Atlanta brand photographer” or “Product Photography Atlanta”. Hopefully, your search results show you a lot of photographers in your area and you can begin to make a list of potential photographers.

You can also ask friends on social media who they recommend or if they know someone who can point you in the right direction.

You can also check out websites such as Bidvine, Bark, Freelancer, People Per Hour, or Thumbtack.

Keep in mind, photographers come with various years of experience and skills. Just because they say they are a professional does not mean they will deliver the quality of photos you were looking for. Or they could have a lot of experience but are trying to expand their business into a new specialty. This is not a bad thing but your needs may require you to find an already established photographer. 

Choosing the right photographer for your business website

Once you have a list of possible photographers put together, it’s time to narrow your list down.

The first thing you should do is evaluate their work. They should have a website or online presence where you can view their work.

Look at their style of photos and ask yourself if it aligns with your vision for your website photos.

If you are looking for a photographer to take pictures of food, do they have experience with food photography?

If you need headshots, do you like the backgrounds they use or the pose they have people standing in?

Do you like how dark or how bright the photos are? Does it match your brand?

You should also look at the personality of the photographer. Based on their bio and social media, will you get along with this person? Will they make you feel comfortable while they are taking pictures?

Local photographers vs remote photographers

Based on your needs you might be able to use either a local photographer or a remote photographer.

If you are having product photography done then you could find a remote photographer that you can ship your products to. They will shoot your products in their studio and ship your products back to you. This might be a great option if you cannot find a local photographer who specializes in product photography.

Now you can hire a photographer for your business website

At this point, you should have two or three photographers picked out who you would like to request a quote from.

Photography pricing

Photography pricing really comes down to the photographer and their experience plus time invested on the project. Most photographers will charge a day rate and/or per product. Here are some questions to ask or know before hiring a photographer.

  • Do they charge per product?
  • Do they charge a flat day rate or hourly?
  • Are there additional charges for different crops or touch-ups?
  • Do they provide high-resolution files?
  • Will they optimize your images for your website?
  • Do you need to pay a deposit?
  • Are there any additional fees?
  • Are you guaranteed a certain number of photos?

What do I need to know about copyrights?

All photographers should license you the use of their images but you will probably not own them outright. For example, you might be able to use them online but you are not able to print them. Or you can use them online or for print but you cannot alter their edits.

Before signing a contract make sure to read through it so you understand your usability rights.

What a photographer will want to know from you

Most photographers will want a written brief or a better understanding of what you need to have photographed. By giving them this information they can put together a shoot list and plan for the photoshoot.

It is important to gather your thoughts and feelings ahead of time so both of you are happy with the end result.

Extra things to think about

If you are getting product photography, you may need to advise the photographer on certain products. For example, you sell women’s swimsuits. You will want to ensure the photographer pairs tops and bottoms so the customer has a better idea of which top pairs well with which bottom.

If you are having an event photographed you need to communicate to the photographer certain people to be photographed and if you need photos of a particular moment during the event.

The biggest takeaway is making sure you communicate with your photographer instead of assuming they will photograph what is in your head.

Before the photoshoot

Before the photoshoot, make sure you run through this list of questions to ensure it runs smoothly and you are not stressed out. Not all of these questions will apply to you, we just want to help you think about your photoshoot so it is successful.

  • Is your office/desk clean?
  • Do you need to supply the photographer with anything besides your products?
  • Are your products clean and have they been inspected for damage?
  • Does everyone who is getting a headshot know how to dress?
  • Do you need to be present for the photoshoot?
  • If you are sending off your products does your photographer understand how to photograph them?

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