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A Marketing Strategy Session is the only meeting that will change the trajectory of your small business.

Ditch the marketing guesswork and unlock revenue growth with our Marketing Strategy Session. It’s your GPS to a powerful strategy, with expert guidance to execute it and free up your time to focus on what matters most.

Feeling lost with your marketing?

Empower your business to push past the roadblocks.

Are you a small business owner struggling to navigate an overwhelming marketing landscape, worrying about revenue, or trying to land more opportunities?
Our Marketing Strategy Session* is a powerful tool to jumpstart your marketing, priced at $1200. This session is designed to give you the clarity and direction you need. Here’s what you gain:
  • Actionable Insights: We’ll analyze your marketing landscape and identify opportunities for growth.
  • Customized Roadmap: You’ll leave with a 12-month marketing plan (Success Plan) tailored to your business goals.
  • Freedom to Choose: If you decide to partner with us after the session, the fee is credited towards our services.
  • No Pressure: If you choose to implement the plan yourself, that’s fantastic! We’re here to empower you.
This session is a risk-free investment in your marketing success. Sign up today and take control of your brand’s future! *You should plan for this meeting to last half a day.
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A successful marketing strategy means looking at the entire business, ensuring all elements are working together, supporting each other so your business grows.

(Your Success Plan is yours to keep whether you work with us or not!)

Why should I pay for a "meeting"?

Paying for a meeting seems crazy but this isn’t a just a meeting.  

Our Digital Strategy Session allows a business that has plateaued or wants to stay on top to reach their business goals.

In other words, just like a doctor creates a plan for healing after an office visit, a Digital Strategy Session allows us to create a digital marketing plan plan after our session so your business can reach your business goals.

Our team has worked with multiple businesses empowering them to clarify their marketing and receive a solid strategy.

Marketing Strategy Session, we will:

Spend a lot of time trying to figure out your marketing?

Every small business wants to generate leads, close new deals and grow but what happens to those that don't have a strategy in place to get those goals? They fail.

If you are like those small businesses trying to grow without a plan, you might experience:

Don't assume that what your competition is doing will also work for you. Think of your competitors' success as an iceberg. You only see the tip that is above water but have no idea what's happening below the service.

When you invest in your marketing, you will allow yourself to dive beneath the surface and define exactly what will work for your small business.

We understand how you feel.

Your small business’ growth might have plateaued or you are stuck knowing you need to do something but aren’t really sure what that something is. 

You might have tried a number of different tactics you’ve read about online and maybe some of them brought a little success but then fizzled out, while others were simply a waste of time and money. Which leaves you feeling confused and wondering why marketing is so daunting.

Our team has worked with multiple businesses empowering them to clarify their marketing and receive a solid strategy.

When you work with us, we will:

How a Marketing Strategy Session Works

Book a Session

Schedule your Digital Marketing Strategy Session with our team. After you're session has been booked, we will send over some questions so you can be better prepared for the session.

Be Ready to Talk

We can't diagnosis real problem areas if you aren't willing to being open and honest. All of our questions are designed so we can figure out the best way to help your business grow.

Your Success Plan

After your Digital Strategy Session, we will create a custom Success Plan that either our team can implement or you can implement. Either way, you will see quick wins!

Rooted Design Mutual Agreement Image

A mutual agreement

A Strategy Session with Rooted Design is a two way street. You will need to be ready to get in the trenches as there can be uncomfortable questions asked and feedback required. In exchange, we promise to keep your answers confidential and only use this session as a way to create a growth plan.

We ask that you trust what we say as we’ve been doing this for a long time. We ask that you are open to the changes we recommend, as we won’t recommend things that don’t make sense financially for you to achieve your goals.

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