Chase the Victory

Website Redesign

Chase the Victory Website Redesign

The Goal

Chase the Victory is a non-profit based out of West Georgia. Their mission is to shares stories of hope, give shoes to teens affected by cancer, host grief retreats for families who have experienced loss, and host a monthly support group.

Our first conversations with Chase the Victory were centered around increasing their visibility online, attract new donors, and position them as an established and reputable non-profit. Their current WordPress website was in need of improvements for a better user experience and they had a logo that needed slight tweaks to make it work better online.

We were inspired to work with Chase the Victory because of the passion Kiki McDaniel has. After her son, Chase, died of cancer in November 2019 she set-out on a mission to help families like theirs. We knew we wanted to help spread their mission in any way we could.

Our Approach

Since we knew what Chase the Victory wanted, we started digging deeper to find out what they needed to get them there. We did our discovery process to learn more about other non-profits that deal with childhood cancer and have more than one focus.

We developed a strategy to do a slight redesign of their logo and completely redesign their website. We developed a complete digital marketing strategy to attract, capture, and convert new leads on their website. The strategy includes regular updates to show Chase the Victory in action. We want to showcase them giving away shoes, changing lives through retreats, and building a community through grief groups.

The Results

Since the launch of their new website and marketing strategy, Chase the Victory successfully generated multiple leads from families looking for support and organization looking to support their non-profit.

We actively work with Chase the Victory on their continued growth strategy to establish their brand and reach their ideal families and donors to grow their non-profit.

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