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Graphic Design Project

Project Details

Project Goals

Project Goals:

Vanguard approached us to design a flyer for their VK300D-HS printer. They were looking for a colorful out-of-the-box flyer that would stand-out from other printer flyers. The inspiration image they provided us included water so we knew at least one of our designs would incorporate water.

Our Approach:

Since we knew what Vanguard was looking for we begin to look at competitor flyers and other flyers in the style they were looking for. We looked at all kinds of products and began to form a direction for our designs.

We began to design a set of flyers using a color scheme from their website and incorporating different water images. We love how the flyers turned out and believe they showcase the power of the VK300D-HS.

The Results

We killed it! What do you think of their flyers?

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