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Sarah Rosney LCSW

Website Redesign Project

Project Details

Project Goals

Project Goals:

Sarah Rosney LCSW is a trauma expert and EMDR therapist serving the Northeast.

Our first conversation with Sarah centered around her being a wife, mother, and therapist who wanted a thriving business so she could serve families who experienced trauma during birth, parenting, and quality of life. She is currently runs a practice that is licensed to serve in NY, NJ, MA, and NH. 

We were tasked with creating a website that not only related to moms who were looking for a therapist but also for other therapists who were looking to expand their knowledge through Sarah’s e-courses.

Our Approach:

We decided that we needed to create something that was uniquely feminine so her target audience would quickly connect with Sarah and want to work with her or her team.

We even assisted her from afar as she worked with another team for her new branding, copyrighting, and a branded photoshoot. 

The Results

We love the design and layout we came up with for Sarah. It fits her personality and we know she is connecting with new clients week. 

Check out Sarah Rosney’s website.

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