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Safe T Plus

The Everything Project

Project Details

Project Goals

Project Overview:

Safe T Plus is one of our growth sprint clients. We began working with them in the spring of 2021 by doing a project here and there but by the end of 2021 we were working together monthly with the single focus of helping them grow their brand.

What We Do:

We have a conversation every month to discuss where Safe T Plus is and where they want to go. This conversation determines what special projects we will work on during the month.

Some of the special projects we’ve worked on are ads for trade shows, yearly dog calendar for their clients, adding a referral page to their website, and designing a mission wall for their client waiting room.

In addition to special projects, we also send monthly website reports, and monitor and update their website.

The Results

Basically, we understand what Safe T Plus wants to achieve so we focus on helping them reach their goals.

What is a clarity call?

It’s a conversation with our team where you realize your dreams can become a reality.

We only work with businesses we know we can help so if we aren’t able to help you, we will point you in the direction you should go. 

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