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Rego Realty

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Project Details

Project Goals

Project Goals:

Rego Realty is a family-run property management company in Hartford, CT. Their mission is to make every home, apartment, and property they manage feel like a real home. 

During our first Zoom calls, we spoke about how family and how their family is building a legacy in Hartford. They love their community and the state of CT and are working to make it a better place. They like to help their tenants go from renting to home ownership and they work with home owners who need a property management company to handle their rental properties.  

We were tasked with creating a website that not only related to people looking for a rental but also home owners who are looking for a property management company.

Our Approach:

To create something that is easy to navigate, quickly answer your questions, and have a quick way for you to contact their team. 

We loved their updated branding and gained inspiration from the gold and green. We decided to add graphical elements by rounding images and adding gradients to their icons. We felt like these small changes created a more intimate feel so people feel comfortable with their brand and want to rent from them or use them as their property management firm.

The Results

We love the design and layout we came up with for Rego Realty. It fits their personality and we know it is helping them grow their business.

Check out Rego Realty’s website.

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