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Project Details

Project Goals

Project Goals:

Peddle Recycling is one of our growth sprint clients. We began working with them in the fall of 2021, not long after they formed, to create and launch their brand as well as develop a website.

They let us know early on that they want their clients to be able to follow the journey their recyclables take from usage back into renewable products. Currently they sort your recyclables in your driveway so you know what happens during the first step and it keeps you from having to roll your recycling bin down to the end of the street.

Our main goal was to create a brand that people in West Georgia would trust and easily relate too so in return they would sign up for a recycling service.

Our Approach:

We took inspiration from a 1920’s peddle cart to create Peddle’s brand since they always knew they were going to sort your recyclables on your property. 

Once we nailed down the logo we knew we would use blue as the primary color for their brand so people could easily identify Peddle Recycling as a recycling company.

For the website, we focused on how Peddle Recycling isn’t your average recycling company and on educating you about the recycling process. We wanted people to know that most companies that offer a recycling service aren’t actually recycling your goods. So again we were leveraging how Peddle Recycling is different and not only do they care about you but they also care about the environment. 

The Results

Since their launch in 2022 they are growing every month. We are always looking at their numbers and adjusting what we are doing so they can reach their business goals. 

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