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La Sierra University Church of Seventh-Day Adventists

Branding Project

Project Details

Project Goals

Project Goals:

La Sierra University Church is located in Riverside, CA next to two campuses, La Sierra Academy and La Sierra University. During our first conversations with La Sierra, we learned that they are one of only thirteen campus churches in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination in North America so it was really important to them that their brand connect with there community. 

Our Approach:

We started the project with a broad focus, using things like maps, universities, and stained glass as inspiration for their brand creation.

After a few rounds, it became clear that using their stained glass windows as the base for the brand was the right track.

Their icon is the same shape as the stained glass windows located in their building and we created a color palette of their blue so we were able to give each pane a different color. 

The Results

People in the community know La Sierra’s stained glass windows so it’s an easy connection for creating brand awareness. We’ve had great feedback about the response to La Sierra’s new brand.

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