Welcome to our tribe.

We are so excited to start your project!

We would like to say thank you for choosing to work with our team at Rooted Design on your project. There are a lot of graphic and web design agencies out there and we’re humbled and honored that you chose to work with us.

As we’re settling in, we want to make one thing clear - our aim is to achieve your project goals and absolutely knock it out of the park with the results.

We have worked on many projects with many different clients and we strongly believe the key to project success is a solid plan, clear expectations from the start, and effective communication throughout the project.

To help us achieve this, we want to let you know more about how we’ll work together so we can get the best results from this project for you and your business.

Discovery Meeting

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a website that accurately represents your business to the world. We are excited to meet with you for our discovery process and take the first step towards helping you achieve your online marketing goals.

Discovery Meeting Overview

  1. Why? We will discuss in detail why questions such as why does your business exist and what problems are you trying to solve with the new website? etc
  2. What? We will talk about which products and services are the most profitable for you and generate the most referrals? The goal is to figure out what products and services are going to help you achieve your "why".
  3. Who? We want to better understand your ideal client.
  4. We will go back over your SMART goals.
  5. Capture leads - we will brainstorm ideas on the best way to capture leads from website visits. For example, we offer something for free in exchange for their email address
  6. Nurture leads - we will brainstorm ideas on the best way to nurture your new website leads. For example, send 3-5 follow-up emails teaching your prospect about the tool they just downloaded.
  7. Converting leads - Making sure prospects know during the nurture phase their next steps to move forward with your company.
  8. We will define how we will measure success. For example, more website views or more email opens.

We also need some information about your current website. Please send us the following: