You Are Your Own Hero

Sometimes you just need a sidekick

Every hero starts their day the same, with your business on your mind. As you quickly run through your to-do list, you aren't surprised when the brochure you've put off creating comes to mind. You dismiss the thought because how long have survived without it? Around lunch, you begin to go through your website to update a few things and you start to wonder if it's time for a redesign. It's been at least 5 years since you launched your current website and you secretly hope Google hasn't changed SEO again. People ask if your website is secure or mobile-friendly and you wonder what that even means. Ultimately you dismiss the idea because at least you have a website and a Facebook page.

The next day is the same but if you are being honest business hasn't really grown in the last couple of years. It doesn't help that you saw a Facebook ad from a similar business that opened down the street. After clicking their ad, you notice how amazing their website is. They have beautiful photos and it's easy to navigate.

You begin to feel pressure and wonder what you can do to bring new energy to your business. If only there was an easy way to reach new clients! You want your digital presence to reassure your clients that you are an expert who genuinely cares. Deep down you know something has to change.

You aren't alone. We have felt that same pressure and have even dreaded going to work every day. When we launched Rooted Design we knew the market was big enough for us to have a piece of the pie but we wondered how we would compete with other creative agencies? Will people see us as experts and hire us or see us as another blimp in an oversaturated field? We knew if we were going to succeed and enjoy working again, we had to show our community we were serious. So how did we do this?

We decided to focus on design. Design is what drives us so if we were going to thrive we had to go back to our first love. Which is why it doesn't matter what kind of design service we are hired to do, we start every project focusing on how the design will affect the end user

We hear all the time from clients who love the work we produce and how it has transformed their business for the better. This is why we try to help as many businesses as we can. Our favorite days are when we get to partner with other small businesses and work on the tasks they least enjoy. It's inspiring to watch new life being breathed into a business after we help them redesign their website or create that brochure.

All you have to do is take a step and book a consultation call with us. We are ready to help breathe life back into your business and watch it thrive.

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